December 10, 2017
Mavis Ureke

Financial Abuse for Women

Discussing the 16 days of activism against violence and abuse of women and children, we touched the role of money in abuse for women. And some of the thoughts that came out are if women are not financially liberated some of the abuse will  not stop. And this liberation has to take many forms as

December 6, 2017
Mavis Ureke

How Managing your Emotions can Save you Financial Stress this Festive Season

The picture above is taken on SABC 1 Yilungelo Lakho programme talking consumer behaviour during the festive season with Alicia the presenter and Eunice head of Consumer education at FNB. So often people will overspend and start of the new year financially stressed and what challenging way to start off a new year journey? Warren

November 20, 2017
Mavis Ureke

Emotional Wellness

In the wake of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity there is increased stress and emotional turbulence leading to more emotional related illnesses impacting individual performance. Given that research shows that 90% of diseases are caused by emotional hurt, teaching emotional wellness now more than ever has become important. With the majority of people unable to

May 24, 2017
Mavis Ureke

Emotional and Financial Wellbeing

The Cambridge Human Resource Group states that a lack of financial education for employees is “the most critical unaddressed workplace issue”. Financial stress leads to dissatisfaction with pay,disengagement, higher risk of fraud and theft, unhealthy coping behaviours like drinking and drug abuse which affect the individual’s performance at work. Educating employees on personal finance empowers

May 16, 2017
Mavis Ureke

The Power of Emotions

Emotions are so powerful, they are the GPS of life, giving us signals of how things are within us and around us. They indicate whether we are in alignment or not, influencing actions or inactions. We do our best work when we are in zone, which means there is  total alignment between body, emotions,mind and