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In the wake of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity there is increased stress and emotional turbulence leading to more emotional related illnesses impacting individual performance. Given that research shows that 90% of diseases are caused by emotional hurt, teaching emotional wellness now more than ever has become important. With the majority of people unable to manage negative emotions due to lack of awareness. emotional intelligence is the master key to a life of wellness, vitality and peak performance. Have you ever noticed how many people complain of being tired in the morning as they get to work? If one is tired in the morning what are their chances of contributing fully? And the reason many feel tired in the morning is because of excess production of cortisol and adrenaline due to stressful events in the day like traffic, a bully boss, conflict in the team, financial stress all contributing to emotional drain. When emotionally drained one can not experience restful sleep so it becomes a vicious cycle of stress and fatigue. Kicking off the IPM Convention yesterday as I was teaching emotional wellness, as I explained the conflict theme of the epidermis skin reactions that loss of touch/connection can cause eczema, one gentleman explained that he worked for a fast growing firm where they had a meeting once in 3 months and worked virtually most of the time and he started having eczema and once he left the company his eczema disappear.

This new era calls for more emotional stamina and endurance. Visit our stand at IPM Convention and learn more 20-22 November 2017. Our new programme on Lifestyle Prescriptions for Peak Performance addresses wellness from a holistic perspective giving tools for resolving emotional hurts. We are giving a few vouchers away for Lifestyle Prescription Analysis email me on email below. We are also doing wellness talks and teaching people to write their own lifestyle prescriptions.

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