Employee Wellness-OPTIMISING ENERGY in the Workplace

16231421_10155005384506458_885717089_oI had the opportunity to train Employee Wellness and this blog post is a reflection of that training.Whether we are at work or at home pursuing our own endeavours , we need energy to get things done, to meet targets and make high performance possible. We need energy to perform to our maximum potential, so employee wellness is not just about the absence of disease or absence of sick notes, it is energy OPTIMISED. Some people are at work but lack energy or have very little energy so they are either tired or battling with fatigue and are just contributing the bare minimum. The more energy one has the more they can accomplish. So in many instances people are not physically sick but they lack positive energy, they are experiencing negative emotions that are draining their energy. Many feel bored, angry, afraid or frustrated and as a result can not perform to their maximum potential, in fact they have emotionally resigned.

Anytime one has emotional incompletions, it like having a phone with too many apps you are not using open, they drain the power and your battery goes flat faster. This disadvantages you to use maximum time and energy for the app which you really wanted to use or were trying to optimise benefit from. So when we have emotional incompletions we can not perform to our maximum potential as we have the background noise interfering with what we are trying to accomplish.

To Optimise energy there are 4 keys:

  1. Physical energy: We already have rituals to eat 3 times a day and often large meals. To boost physical energy consider nutritional content and small amounts several times throughout the day rather than big meals. Many lifestyle diseases and lack of energy is due to the fact that we are not paying attention to what we eat and the effects on our body. Interestingly also our emotional content drive our eating habits and our physical wellbeing. Emotions are the second biggest killer after medicine, hence any unprocessed emotions settle in our physical being and begin to disintegrate body cells and tissues. So when we exercise-that is any form of movement, we release the tension caused by contraction of muscles when one experiences negative emotions.We can also practice changing our posture, as when we experience negative emotions we maintain a certain physical posture, hence self-observation becomes key. Sleep and enough rest are also aspects of physical energy that need us to pay attention to. We need eight hours of sleep although it may not always be possible we need to be aware we have sleep debt and pay it back when we can otherwise we can get stuck desperately trying to boost our energy by taking dozens of coffee cups and energy drinks throughout the day.
  2. Mental Energy: Quality thoughts are energising and negative thoughts-thoughts of victimhood, cynicism are draining. We often have negative thoughts when our mental software is outdated our view or philosophy of life is opaque. To boost your mental energy you need to read or attend seminars covering all your life zones that include family (marriage, parenting), social (lifestyle and friends), financial `(personal finance literacy), mental , spiritual, career and physical. Les Brown recommends that we read at least 30 pages a day. We often outsource many responsibilities because of lack of knowledge among other reasons, the result is a feeling of loss of control over that area of our lives we have outsourced and this directly impact our overall sense of control over our lives. The reason 78% of the global population is dominated by anxiety is because they feel they do not have control over their lives. When you boost mental energy you become more aware and you have many options, ideas and you can direct your own thoughts giving you an internal locus of control.
  3. Emotional Energy: Emotions are drivers of behaviour and they are so powerful they can incapacitate physical, mental and spiritual energy, hence this is the MASTER KEY to energy optimisation. When you take responsibility of your emotions, you have the power to create unlimited energy to get things done. You will have the ability to transform negative energy into positive power instead of negative draining your ability to get things done unaware. To optimise emotional energy you have to prioritise happiness. So imagine all of us want to be happy, but how many people do you know that are truly  happy at least 80% of the time? Many want to be happy but they are doing the opposite, they are unhappy at work, in their relationships, with their finances, with their physical appearances and so forth.  Before you continue reading write 5 things that make you happy and assess how often you do them. Prioritise them each day or week and see how your energy will be boosted. There are many other ways to boost emotional energy and we will discuss them in the next blog posts.
  4. Spiritual energy: Individuals have many spiritual rituals and practices like prayer, meditation among others. I am of the opinion that our sense of inner peace comes by connecting with our sense of purpose. Purpose has got to do with greater good, when we serve others with authenticity we feel good. To boost spiritual energy over and above your spiritual practices, serve others, give back and connect with purposes.

When energy is OPTIMISED performance increases, those who have emotionally resigned are energised and re-engaged.

Mavis Ureke is a Human Behaviour Specialist, author of several books including: Navigating The Rapids and Waves of Life: 10 Lessons to Managing Emotions for Success; Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom:The Invisible Forces Driving your Money Habits; Heart Boundaries;co-author of The Change and Aspire, Awaken and Actualise. She is the cofounder of Training B2B CC, a leading provider of emotional intelligence training. She is a frequent speaker/trainer/facilitator and keynote speaker at public and private engagements.Media personality, regular appearance on Business Day TV, other channels and radio, city press column author: Your Emotions, Your Money. John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Teacher and Speaker, An affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate

Certified Personal Strength Facilitator, Certified Master Trainer

Emotional Intelligence HumaNext, 6Seconds and TalentSmart. Certified Fatigue Management Circadian. Contacts: Training B2B CC Tel: 011 326 2499 Email: mavism@tb2b.co.za

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